2013 Photo Competition: Week 2 Results

22 November, 2013 | espaƱol

2013 Photo Competition: Week 2 Results

The second week of our annual photo competition saw a severe battle between two photos, with just eight percentage points separating the two pictures. San Diego presented a beautiful array of shots to choose from, but the winning pictures this week showed just how hardcore you triathletes are.

With 38.6% of the votes, the winning shot was of the Czech Republic’s Premysl Svarc. Just emerging out of the chilly Pacific waters, Svarc ripped off his wetsuit and hightailed it for the bike racks with one determined-looking face set to chase down the leaders. The clenched fists and scrunched face show an athlete ready to get down to business. Svarc put up an impressive bike leg, but his run wasn’t quite up to par, leaving him in 43rd place.

Coming in with 30.5% of the votes was the shot of a day gone wrong for Spain’s Jesus Gomar. After a monster 40km bike, in which Gomar split the second fastest time of the day, he wheeled into T2 with high hopes, but a faulty exit off the bike sent his bike sailing while he was flung to the ground. It was a tough moment for Gomar that photo ninja Delly Carr beautifully timed, as he captured crash while it was in the making.

The photo makes you cringe just looking at it, and by judging by the expression of the boy in the background, the reaction in person was far worse. Incredibly, Gomar didn’t let the fall slow him down. He got right back up and went on to finish 16th that day.

While San Diego will not return on the 2014 calendar, Chicago will take its place on the schedule. Sign up for the race now!