2013 Photo Competition: Week 3 Results

29 November, 2013 | espaƱol

2013 Photo Competition: Week 3 Results

In the last two weeks, we’ve seen a couple of close races between the top photos, but this week was no contest. Like Alistair Brownlee‘s massive win after charging up Kitzhorn Mountain in Kitzbuehel, this week’s winner took the top spot by a landslide with a whopping 43% of the votes.

We all know that feeling in a race. Sometimes you’re flying, feeling no pain and enjoying life. Just like Emma Moffatt was down the finish chute in Yokohama. Other times, well, those other times just aren’t much fun. But even when it hurts, there’s no giving up, no turning around and no backing down in triathlon. You just have to bite down and bear, like Jodie Stimpson did.

With any luck, the pain will pay off like it did for Jodie, who had this to say of the photo:

This photo again belongs to photo ninja Delly Carr, who shot the picture with his beloved Nikon D4 in the following settings: 300mm 2.8 lens, ISO 800 1/1000 f2.8.


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