Elite athletes preview Miyazaki World Cup

25 October, 2019 | español

Elite athletes preview Miyazaki World Cup

The World Cup tour continues this weekend, in the sport-loving city of Miyazaki, Japan. Hear from the top contenders before the Olympic distance race on Saturday, 26 October.

Kirsten Kasper USA
“This race is important to me. I haven’t been able to line up too many times this year so I am really hoping to do well here in Miyazaki and set me up for next year.”

“This weekend I am looking to do what I always do, swim bike and run as best I do. Hoping to get onto the podium.”

“I definitely like to check out the start list. It’s extremely competitive. I think it’s great how competitive the World Cups are this year, I think it makes us better athletes. I am really excited to line up against these ladies.”

“When I arrive at an event, I try and stick to the same plan as I have at home. I am thankful that I have some training partners here so we coordinate going for bike rides and swims together to try and keep that training environment.”

“Miyazaki is gorgeous, I am surprised by the venue. It’s really exciting and hoping for a nice weekend.”

Jelle Geens BEL
“It’s been a good year, I just need to fight for those podium spots every time. Before I joined the group, I looked up to everyone like Mario and Vince and now I train with them and compare myself to them. It’s good to train with them and see the level you have to be at to be the best.”

Claire Michel BEL
“It’s been a building season and I am still looking forward and excited to race.”

“With the beach start and the waves, it can be a hard swim so with many fast swimmers in the field it will be important to stay focussed and maintain as close contact as I can to front group. I will be doing the best as I can to get as close the podium as possible.”

Richard Varga SVK
“It hasn’t been a very happy season for me. I was carrying injury from last year. I got injured again in May, so I am not really happy with my season to be fair. I just want to keep going and that’s why my season is so long.”

“I feel really fit, strong and confident of my abilities. I have two more races to go this year and I hope I can produce some good results.”

“In Tongyeong, I had a good swim and split the field but unfortunately we were not strong enough on the bike to make the difference, nearly 50-people came together and we ended up with a running race. It was a very solid race for me but I came away with eighteenth but I hope for a better result in Miyazaki.”

“Olympic distance usually suits me much more as I have more time to make the difference. Maybe I will wait for more guys to work with and hopefully I will have more chance on the run.”

Aaron Royle AUS
“This year I’ve had some results that I have been proud of. The goal this year is to get back to being more competitive and pushing towards that top ten and I have got close to that.”

“This is my second Olympic campaign so the ultimate goal is to try and qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. That’s really the motivation, that’s really what I am trying to work for. Miyazaki World Cup is a stepping stone towards that, with Olympic points on line I really have to here and do well.”

“It will be great if we could get a group away on the bike. I am confident in how I am running. I come into this race confident I have the tools to race well despite the outcome and how the race pans out.”

Anneke Jenkins NZL
“It’s been a bit up and down since I started triathlon but I am back now and feeling fit. This is my first year without injury, consistent training and I have tried to enjoy that. Slowly I have been racing more and more which is motivating to see results that I didn’t expect.

“Just to be in the race last week was really cool. I didn’t look back and went as hard as I could. It was a really good result for me.”

“I haven’t raced a huge amount so I am not really sure but I do think I prefer the Olympic distance. I just need to nail the swim and keep going from there. I am so excited to race on Saturday, I just want to do my best and see what I can achieve. I am really excited to be in a position where I can give my best.”

Saturday, 26 October
Elite women: 9.30am local time
Elite men: 12.30pm local time


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