Elite field in Cyprus

21 May, 2007

Sarah Schutz and Charles Rusterholz, both representing Switzerland are the winners in the Elite women and men event respectively on the 20th of May at the 2007 Limassol ITU European Cup.

In the women’s race Sarah emerged from the water in the second group behind a group of three athletes, managed to catch up with the leading women and finish the bike leg first.

Olga Dmetrieva of Russia and Deniz Dimaki of Greece followed Schutz closely from the beginning. Schutz and Dmitrieva started the run simultaneously with Dimaki following 50’ back.

Sarah Schutz crossed the finish line first in 2:03:59. Dimaki was 8 seconds behind having done the best time in the run leg. Dmitrieva was third with 2:04:50.

In the men’s swim after the first lap we had a large group of about ¾ of the field, with a smaller group dropping far behind.

At the swim finish first were Harry Wiltshire of Great Britain and Jens Toft of Denmark followed by a large group seconds behind including Andriy Glushchenko, Ran Alterman, Charles Rusterholz and Didier Brocard.

During the bike a lead group was formed consisting of 27 athletes followed by a smaller chase group about 3 minutes behind.

Pierre Dorez of France finished first the flat fast bike course leg after a superb performance. Glushchenko, Brocard and Rusterholz followed only seconds apart.

Eight athletes charged out of second transition to the six lap run course, promising a very close and exiting race to the thousands of the spectators along the run course.

Rusterholz was home first with 1:46:51 leaving Clushchenko a mere 2 seconds behind. Third was Brocard in 1:46:57.

2007 Limassol ITU European Cup – Elite Women
1. Schutz, Sarah SUI 02:03:58
2. Dimaki, Deniz GRE 02:04:06
3. Dmitrieva, Olga RUS 02:04:49

2007 Limassol ITU European Cup – Elite Men
1. Rusterholz, Charles SUI 01:46:51
2. Glushchenko, Andriy UKR 01:46:53
3. Brocard, Didier SUI 01:46:57


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