How to watch triathlon at the Olympics

05 August, 2016 | español

How to watch triathlon at the Olympics

The 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games open today! In our fifth edition int he Olympic Games, we couldn’t be more pumped to see the world’s fastest triathletes swim, bike and run their way to Olympic glory. To help you stay up to date with the latest on triathlon, here’s how you can follow the action.

Broadcast and network streaming
For this edition of the Olympic Games, the IOC have brought an extra service to you and your fans which can be used on any digital platform. Click here to get information on how you can watch triathlon in your location. No matter where you are, on what device, you’ll automatically be redirected to information in your country and language!

Social Media
We’ll be up and running on social media all month to bring you the latest and greatest at the Olympics here on the ground. Here are the important accounts you can’t afford to not follow this month:

When in doubt, look for @WorldTriathlon. It’s our handle for most of our social media accounts.
Facebook - Live chats with athletes, videos, photos, recaps and more!
Twitter - Stats, graphics, race information, photos & clips
Triathlonlive twitter - Reserved for minute by minute live race action on August 18 & 20!
Instagram - Spectacular pics & short clips from around Rio!
YouTube - Video features to get you pumped for the Olympics
Pinterest - Training tips, race information, photos, and news from around the globe
Linkedin - News from around the globe on triathlon
Snapchat @worldtriathlon - We’ll be snappin fun pics from the ground. Hurry, don’t want to miss them!

For all things all Olympics all the time, check out the IOC’s platforms @Olympics. They’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat & more!

For the most up to date info from the host themselves, follow @Rio2016, @Rio2016_en & @rio2016_es. Like the IOC, they’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat & more.

Join the conversation
Make sure you are using the hashtags #ThisIsTriathlon & #Triathlon2016 to be entered to win prizes over the next four weeks. And use #Triathlon #Rio2016 #Olympics to talk Olympic triathlon!

Don’t forget that you can #CountryCode to cheer on your nation. You just need to know the three-letter country code & pop it in behind #. For example #ESP #USA #AUS, etc. Try it out! More on emoji fun here.


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