Best of 2015: Five titles for Bill Chaffey

16 January, 2016 | español

A title was reclaimed in 2015!

After missing the World Championship race in Edmonton in 2014 due to injury, Australian Bill Chaffey returned in Chicago to take back once was his four times already. He also was crowned a World Champion in London 2014, Auckland 2012, Beijing 2011 and Gold Coast 2009.

Chaffey completed a drive for five World Championship titles when he cruised over the finish line with an estatic fist pump in the men’s PT1 sport class. Despite exiting the water at a deficit of 1:20 to Jetze Platt, an unlucky flat tire for the Dutchman meant Chaffey had an opportunity to pull himself back into contention for the win. By the end of the four-lap course, Chaffey trailed Platt by just three seconds.

With his strongest discipline saved for last, Chaffey etched out a two-minute lead after the first of three laps, all but wrapping up the win. While Krige Schabort (USA) was attempting to reel the Aussie in, he ran out of room, as Chaffey wheeled over the finish line with a 1:17 advantage.

“It’s unbelievable,” said Bill Chaffey. “I really never expected it today. I expected really tough competition and I got that. I was a long way behind coming out of the water. I got some luck. Jetze (Plat) got a flat tire. I didn’t want to win because someone else got a flat so I went as hard as I could and I’m really happy with how I went.”

The Chicago win granted Chaffey the prestige honour of being one of the select few to have claimed the World title five times. He also did so after winning three WPE events in the season.

So let’s take a look back at some of the World Championship years…

Chicago 2015

London 2013

Auckland 2012

Beijing 2011



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