Best of 2015: Vincent Luis gives France first title

07 January, 2016 | español

When France’s Vincent Luis seized the finish line tape in WTS Hamburg, it was a long time coming. 2015 was a blow up year for Luis. He started out the season by coming in second in WTS Abu Dhabi and then continued that streak when he podiumed in his next two races (WTS Cape Town and WTS London).

Hamburg saw a tight battle between the young Frenchman and top Spaniard Javier Gomez Noya on the sprint-distance course. Competing stride-by-stride up until the final 300 metres, Luis finally launched past Gomez in order to gain his first WTS title.

But not only was claiming a first WTS victory a huge deal for Luis, it was also a huge deal for his nation. Since the beginning of the Series in 2009, France has not had an elite earn a WTS title in a race…until now!


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