Green is our favorite color

23 February, 2017 | español

Green is our favorite color

Pink might be Aerosmith’s favorite color, but green has got us going crazy. This year, get ready to go gaga over green as we debut the color for swim caps in all ITU World Triathlon Series races, World Cups and Multisport events. Not only will athletes be more visible in the water, but the color of the caps doubles to symbolize ITU’s commitment to compete clean.

Embracing the color of several WADA anti-doping campaigns, ITU is promoting a “love triathlon, love clean sport” campaign, all while making the athletes easier to spot.

ITU has been working to both enhance the audience experience and improve overall athlete safety, which the flourescent green color will accomplish.

In addition to the green caps, fans will now be able to identify their favorite athlete in the top eight, as these athletes will wear different colored swim caps. The world’s top ranked athlete will wear gold, while world #2 will sport silver and #3 will hone bronze. Then, world rankings four to eight will each feature a different color to ensure they are easily visible in the pack.

“We’ve been working with athletes, partners and our staff to create a way to make the swim more engaging for fans,” explained Marisol Casado, ITU President and IOC Member. “Our new green swim caps are going to be easy to identify for officiating and safety purposes, while athletes in the Top 8 will be more identifiable.”

Starting at World Triathlon Abu Dhabi March 3-4, all elite athletes will be wearing the new caps, which are manufactured by Tribe Solutions, ITU’s Official Merchandise Partner.

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