Koch overcomes German test to win Tiszaujvaros World Cup

07 July, 2024 | español

Koch overcomes German test to win Tiszaujvaros World Cup

After Marlene Gomez-Göggel (GER) won the first women’s semi-final at the Tiszaujvaros World Cup and Anabel Knoll (GER) claimed the second, the prospect of a German battle for the podium seemed a likely outcome heading into today’s final. In scorching conditions it was Annika Koch (GER) that managed to overpower a clutch of rivals, both domestic and foreign, to claim the win.

Gomez-Göggel and Knoll lined up on the left side of the pontoon, as did Vicky Holland (GBR) and Sian Rainsley (GBR). Having led the swim in the first women’s semi-final, Zsanett Kuttor-Bragmayer (HUN) plumped for the right. It was Sophia Howell (CAN) that sped into the early lead from the middle but Olivia Mathias (GBR) soon came through and jostled for the lead with Kuttor-Bragmayer until the swim exit. Meanwhile, Anahi Alvarez Corral (MEX) lost touch with the back of the field. She had logged the fastest run in the semi-finals to recover from a similarly precarious position but faced an uphill task on her way into T1.

Mathias and Kuttor-Bragmayer hammered round the opening of the eight bike laps but twenty-one of the thirty women soon came together in the lead group. Notably, the reigning World Junior and World U23 champions, Ilona Hadhoum (FRA) and Selina Klamt (GER), featured in the front pack. However one of the leading names, Summer Rappaport (USA), found herself in the chase pack of eight that leaked time with each lap.

Kuttor-Bragmayer was the first through T2, sparking excitement from the home crowd. Erika Ackerlund (USA) and Koch took up the initial chase before moving into the lead. The German athlete, who claimed a maiden WTCS medal in 2023, was in fine form and soon strode clear. With a lap down, she held a handy lead over Holland and Hadhoum. Holland held the gap over the second lap while Ackerlund and Diana Isakova (AIN) passed Hadhoum. On the third lap Koch continued to push. Holland, though, wasn’t done.

The former world champion whittled the gap down to 2 seconds and with barely a kilometre to go looked primed to pounce. Koch, however, battled on and claimed a World Cup win for the third consecutive season. Holland followed in 2nd place, securing the highest finish of her post-maternity comeback. Isakova then managed to out-kick Ackerlund to round out the podium. Rainsley took 5th place.

What they had to say:

“The first races (of the season) went really bad for me and so this one really means a lot for me and I’m so happy that I am slowly feeling like myself and coming back,” said Koch.

“The win is always what you aim for but I couldn’t have done any more so I’m really delighted with that,” said Holland. “I put some really great training together earlier this year and I felt like I was ready to deliver a performance at the beginning of the season and for one reason or another I couldn’t get it out.”

“I’m delighted to join the number of women who are coming back from maternity leave who’ve also put themselves on the podium and it’s actually even more special because Tiszaujvaros was my first proper World Cup win.”

For her part, Isakova said that she was “very happy” with her first ever World Cup medal, adding, “It’s a wonderful, amazing feeling.”


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2024 World Triathlon Cup Tiszaujvaros
Results: 2024 World Triathlon Cup Tiszaujvaros : Elite Women
1. Annika Koch GER 00:59:17
2. Vicky Holland GBR 00:59:23
3. Diana Isakova AIN 00:59:40
4. Erika Ackerlund USA 00:59:46
5. Sian Rainsley GBR 00:59:53

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