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Gold for Silva in Yokohama

Amidst the intense heat in Yokohama, Joao Silva didn’t wilt but instead rose to the occasion and to the top of the podium for his first career Dextro Energy Triathlon ITU World Championship Series win

19 September, 2011
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ITU Best Swimmer Rankings Update

A check of the Best Swimmer Rankings after the third round of the Series shows the Russian men and American women swimming circles around the competition

21 June, 2010
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Team Profile: Russia

A close-up look at the high-powered Russian team, led by current world number one Alexander Brukhankov

26 May, 2010
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Top Moment: Tongyeong Sprint

We look back at the opening race of the 2009 Dextro Energy Triathlon - ITU World Championship season and THAT sprint finish

05 November, 2009